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2023-2024 NDC Parent Handbook

This handbook contains information about classes, the studio, and student and parent expectations. 

Studio Communication

For the fastest and most thorough answer to any questions you may have, please contact us via email at We will do our best to respond to all emails within 48 hours except for weekends. We encourage you to use all available resources (i.e., our website, Facebook page, Parent Handbook, etc.) to find readily available answers to your questions prior to emailing the studio.


Facebook & Instagram

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for important information and fun updates from the studio:


Instagram: Nolensvilledanceco


Early registration (through June 30) is $25 per dancer or $40 per family.  Regular registration is $30 per dancer or $50 per family.  All registration fees are non-refundable. 

Dancers must be the age of the class you are registering for by August 14, 2023 (the first day of class). 


Tuition & Fees

Tuition is $70 per month billed August-May.  Your first month’s tuition will be charged to your card on file on August 1st or upon later registration and set up for auto draft on the first of each month (August-May). Our Tuition is based on the total number of dance hours and then split into convenient monthly payments. It is NOT based on the amount of classes in each month.  Please contact us if you would rather pay in full or by semester.  A $25 late fee will apply to any accounts not paid in full before the 7th of the month.



We do not offer make ups and tuition will not be discounted for missed classes. 

Withdrawing Enrollment

If you or your student decides mid-year not to continue with a class, we must be notified by email no later than the 10th of the month prior. Any withdrawal notifications received later than this date will still be subject to the following month’s tuition payment. All withdrawal notifications must be sent by email. No withdrawal requests can be made in person to any staff of Nolensville Dance Co.

Class Cancellations

NDC may cancel class due to inclement weather. We will send out an email and update our studio’s Instagram/Facebook page. Check both outlets for the fastest and most accurate information. The canceled classes will not be refunded, but will be rescheduled after 3 missed classes (the third missed class will be rescheduled). 


Drop off/Pick Up

Parents are permitted to enter the studio with their dancer before class and to pick up at the end of class.  They may also be dropped off and picked up at the door.  We ask that you arrive no more than 5 minutes before the class start time if its the first class of the day. If there is a class before your dancer's class doors will open right at class time.  Please allow the class before your dancer's to dimiss first.  We ask for all parents to stay with their child until their dance teacher has greeted them for class. We know parking can be a challenge, but please do not block any cars in while dropping off or picking up.  We ask that you also please be mindful of those entering and exiting all businesses in the area.  

Class Length

All classes are one hour long with the exception of our high school class on Mondays at 6:30pm which is an hour and fifteen minutes.  


Parent Observation

We do not have a waiting area and parents are not permitted to stay during class as it is a distraction to the dancers.  It is our hope that in the future we will have a larger studio space that will give parents the option to stay during class.  Parents will be permitted to join class during our watch week (October 2-6) to see what their dancer has been working on.


Classroom Expectations

At Nolensville Dance Company we strive to create a positive and comfortable environment for all of our dancers.  We want all students to have fun as well as respect other students and their teachers.  If problems arise in class, the teacher will discuss the issue with the parents.  If the problem is ongoing or disruptive to the class, the teacher reserves the right to ask the parent to come and pick their child up.

All dancers must be potty trained.  We encourage dancers to be on time, have used the restroom, with hair up and dressed for class.


Dress Code

Below you will find a description of what dancers should wear to class.

​Ballet & Tap Combo Classes

Leotard and tights should be worn.  Pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes are required for the class. Hair must be pulled back.  We recommend tap shoes with Velcro straps for our preschool classes.

Ballet & Hip Hop Combo Classes Ages 4-11 (Level 1)

Leotard and tights should be worn.  For ballet, pink ballet shoes and for HipHop street shoes (sneakers) are required.  Dancers may bring shorts, leggings, etc. to slip on for that portion of class.  Hair must be pulled back. 

Ballet,  Jazz & Hip Hop Combo Classes Ages 8-11 (Level 2)

Leotard and tights should be worn.  For ballet, pink ballet shoes, for jazz black jazz shoes, and for HipHop street shoes (sneakers) are required.  Dancers may bring shorts, leggings, etc. to slip on for that portion of class.  Hair must be pulled back. 

Contemporary, Jazz & Hip Hop Combo Classes ages 11+ (Middle School & High School classes)

A fitted tank top, t-shirt or leotard should be worn with tights, leggings, or shorts.  Tights should be convertible (these have a small hole in the bottom so they may be pulled up off their feet). For contemporary tan dance paws, jazz black jazz shoes and for HipHop street shoes (sneakers) are required.   Hair must be pulled back.

Recital Information

Nolensville Dance Company will hold their annual dance recital in May 2024.  Exact dates and times are TBD. The date will be announced by the first of the year.  Each family will receive a digital recital handbook in April with detailed information. We ask that you read this information completely and thoroughly.  Recital season is incredibly busy, and we dedicate many hours to putting on an incredible and unforgettable performance for your family and your dancers to remember for years to come.


Students will be sized for costumes the first few weeks of class.  All measurements will be adjusted to account for growth before your student receives the costume. Costumes will be sent home throughout the entire month of April. We will not send home costumes until all students in the class have received their costumes. All costume fees are non-transferable or refundable.


Recital Fees

A recital & costume fee of $225* per dancer will be charged to your card on file on October 15. This fee covers the rental of the venue for rehearsal and performances as well as 2 costumes and a brand new pair of tights for the performance.  Recital tickets are not included in the rectal fee and will be sold by the venue separately. Recital fees are non-transferable or refundable. *Ballet/Creative movement classes for age 2.5-4 will only perform one dance in our recital and the recital fee is $165.  


2023-2024 Calendar

August 5 - NDC Open House

AUGUST 14-18 - First Week of Classes

SEPTEMBER 4 - Labor Day: No Classes 

OCTOBER 2-6 - Family Watch Week & Costume Measurements

OCTOBER 9-13 - Fall break: No Classes 

OCTOBER 15 - Recital Fee Due

OCTOBER 25-31- Halloween Dress Up Week 

NOVEMBER 20-24 - Thanksgiving break: No Classes

NOV/DEC - TBD - Nolensville Hometown Holiday Parade 

DECEMBER 18 - JANUARY 5 - Winter break: No Classes

JANUARY 8-12 - Classes Resume

MARCH 11-15 - Spring break: No Classes

TBD - Picture Day

MAY TBD - Last Week of Classes, Dress Rehearsal and Recital

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